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Commercial High Dusting


Commercial High Dusting

A very popular construction style for retail stores and restaurants is the open ceiling with all the HVAC, electrical conduits and structural parts exposed. While this may save some construction costs and have a certain visual appeal, the various exposed workings are a definite dust trap. In addition to being a possible eyesore, the accumulated dust has the potential to fall to the floor at the most inopportune moment.

Recently a restaurant customer contacted our company to discuss the possibility of cleaning their open ceiling components. It seems that a dust bunny the size of a fist had fallen from the ceiling and landed on the floor near a customer's table. Fortunately the dust bunny fell harmlessly to the floor. This occurrence could have been a disaster if the debris had fallen on a plate of food.

OSA has the experience, knowledge and equipment to clean the exposed ceiling parts with the minimum of fuss and bother. With our specialized equipment we can usually reach the items needed cleaning from the floor without the need of an expensive lift. We cover sensitive areas with plastic sheeting to protect your property to ensure a clean and healthy environment. The work can be done after hours to ensure no interruption of your business occurs.

To ensure your high areas are free from dust, call us today - 602-451-9322.

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